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HEALTH BENEFITS OF LONGRICH sanitary napkin and liner with Negative ion
➡Cures gynecological diseases such as
➡ovarian cysts,
➡vaginal infections
➡eliminates odour
➡Shrink fibroid in early stage
➡prevents vagina itching and vulva swollen fast
➡cures and prevents rashes around the vagina.
➡old sore
➡Helps to lower the risk of tumor
➡Prevent you from toilet infection.
➡It makes you see your period after you don't see it for sometime.
➡Correct hormonal balance
➡Ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
➡ Its unisex, for men from 40 years and above, it prevent them form prostate cancer.
Kelan ka gagamit? Pagmaysakit kana?!.....
We are sharing this to all women becoz we care😍
83% ng mga babae nagkakasakit sa cervical area
67% ng dahil po s gingamit nating napkins.
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