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This summer, don’t let heat and humidity pull you down. Get your home equipped with the Bajaj MD 2020 room cooler. Featuring a four-way air deflection system and a 54-liter tank, this air cooler can deliver air to up to 24.38 meters. It features a humidity controller to keep your living space cool and crisp. The easily removable pads make cleaning the cooler easy, preventing breeding of mosquitoes.
Product Description
Keeping your living space cool and comfortable, even in the height of summer, has become easy with the Bajaj MD 2020 room cooler.
Water Tank
This air cooler comes with a massive 54-liter water tank which doesn’t require frequent filling. The tank also features an auto water level indicator, so you can easily monitor the amount of water inside it. Also, it has an overflow indicator to alert you when the tank is full. To top it off, the water inlet allows you to conveniently fill water in the tank without making a mess. And whenever you want to, you can use the drain plug to remove excess water.
The Bajaj MD 2020 room cooler features a four-way air deflection system and is ideal for a room with a surface area of 37.16 sq. m. Also, it can throw air up to 24.38 meters, so you can chill in your living room and enjoy watching a movie, without the heat bothering you. Apart from that, it has a humidity controller that keeps the air inside your living space fresh and crisp. Since it has removable pads made of wood wool, cleaning this cooler is easy.

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