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SOLD $50

Like new men’s branded long sleeve Ts and dress sh

非常新淨名牌ZARA 便服鞋,ZARA長袖針織及外套, HANES長袖T。100%正品。請留私人通知
a. Made in Spain black shiny leather shoes from ZARA, size 44, HK$125.
b. Made in Spain black shoes with shoe lace from ZARA, size 44. HK$125.
c. ASOS tanned color shoes with shoe lace, size 44. HK$75.
d. Made in Spain grey knitted top from ZARA, size M. HK$95
e. Made in China zippered jacket from ZARA, size M. HK$95
f. Made in Bulgaria brown knitted top from ZARA, size M. HK$95
g. Made in USA long sleeve T from HANES, size M~ L. HK$50
Preloved in mint condition. Buy any 4 to get a pair of used ZARA white leather loafers. Priority is given to fast trading in CWB (anytime). Trade at other MTR stations or trade by post with extra postage also acceptable.
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