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Child Development Program
For 200php ONLY!!!
Enroll your child Now!
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Enhanced I.Q.:
"The State of the Brain that is ACTIVE & CAPABLE of PROCESSING any KNOWLEDGE encountered, using it to SOLVE any and ALL Problems EFFECTIVELY & EFFECIENTLY.
Puwede lang palang 100% na ma-Enhance effectively ang I.Q. during 1 to 12 or 18years old! Or:
Ito lang ang mga taon, "Window of Opportunity", na pwedeng maACTIVATE and mag ABSORB ng Knowledge ang Brain effeciently.
"Dapat READY muna TO ABSORB ang Brain before Saksakan o Punan ng Knowledge."
Kasi pag hindi na enhance ang I.Q. and diretso lang puno ng knowledge, ito ang resulta:
1. Memorized and Unprocessed/ Uncomprehended Knowledge
2. Failure in All Intelectual and Abstract Reasoning Tests and Entrance or Evaluation Exams
3. Low Grades- Low Selft Esteem- Low Interest in School- High Mental & Emotional Pressure
4. Developing the Habit of Giving Up in Subjects and Life
PREVENTION is Better than Cure!
-Parental Support is a CRUCIAL and VITAL FACTOR that shall Define a
-INVEST YOUR ALL to Mentally and Emotionally Prepare YOUR CHILD!
For them to be: Inspired, Excellent, Confident and Succeed in LIFE!
PLACES with NO I.Q. Enhancement Program or even Subject:
1. Learning Centers
2. Tutorial Centers
3. Schools or Academic Institutions
4. Even in our Homes
But HOW WILL YOU DO It then?
Let US HELP YOU Fill the Gap!
We offer:
1. Child Development Program
2. 6 Levels of Learning & Progressive Educational Approach
3. Multiple Intelligence Development
4. Good Command in English and Above Average Math Proficiency
5. Learning with Tools, Modules and Materials Exclusively created for by World class reknown experts and educators.
6. High I.Q. ENHANCEMENT Training Program
ALL OF THIS TRAINING in just 1 year Twice a week;
"FOR 200php ONLY!!!
(per session)
"Invest in the young mind, to ensure a bright future."
And we GUARANTEE! In just 1year; Your Child's Good Command and Above Average Proficiency in English, Math, all other intelligences and Enhanced I.Q.!
Or your Investment Back!
ENROLL Your Child NOW!
For a Very Affordable Investment!!
Contact Us Now!

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