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Abraham Varghese Pickles

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Traditional Home Made Pickles

Are you missing Savoring the Pickles made by your Mom / Grandmom.
We here @ amminis are working towards creating Traditional Pickles which was made in our grand parents home. We went into each and every specific details about traditional pickle making and this took us years to master it. As we have to make in bulk we never made any modifications in our process. We just followed the original ways to prepare though it took lot of labour and man hours to prepare a single pickle Variety. Dedication and hard work is our Motto.
Even the utensils that are used to prepare is made of steel and marked Red or Green.
Steel utensils are used so that there is no reaction that takes place during the process as salt, turmeric, chilli powder, Gingely oil and vinegar to s used to prepare our traditional pickles. Red or Green is marked on the vessels as it indicates Veg or Non veg.
In Veg variety the following is available in ready stock:
Vadu Mango pickle in Half kg pack 20 no. Rs 120 each.
Amla, Brinjal, Bitter gourd, Gonkura, Full Garlic, Hot & Sweet Ginger, Mixed Veg. 350 grams Rs 120.
NO Garlic Base Used in any of our Veg Pickles.
80% Pieces.
In Sea Food we have the following :
Fish. 350 grams Rs 300.
Prawns (Deveined) and Green Mussels for 350 grams Rs 350.
Min 80% pieces.
Less Salt, less Vinegar.
To Order just Whatts app us with your details to 9383761994.
We employ jobless students so that they learn a trade and not waste there time in unwanted activities.

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