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Nbody Green juice

NBODY GREEN JUICE is a flavourful drink that increases the concentration of nutrients in the body. This delicious drink helps promote healthy weight management without compromising the needed nutrition. It is blended with powerful natural ingredients that have anti-oxidant properties, help improve digestion as well as help boost the immune system. This juice is an excellent way to get greens into diet!
NBODY GREEN JUICE is a healthy drink - packed with nutrients and minerals that helps achieve a leaner figure.
☑ Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella
- It helps strengthen cells.
- Helps detoxify the blood stream.
- Finally, it has anti-oxidative properties that counteract the
effects of environmental pollutants.
☑ Barley
- It's high fiber content help improve digestion of food and
helps with weight loss.
- Helps control blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol as well
as prevent heart disease.
- Has anti-oxidant properties to strenghtens the body.
- It is also high in vitamins and minerals.
☑ Chlorella
- It's phytochemicals help boost the immune system.
- Helps lower blood sugar levels.
- It helps detoxify the body from heavy metals and toxins.
- It also helps improve skin conditions.
- Finally, it helps promote weight loss by reducing the
percentage of body fat.
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