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Majestica face pack and aloevera gel for pigmentat

#Majestica #facepack is an ayurvedic face pack prepared with powerful combination of ayurvedic herbs, which
detoxify skin
fix the damage
prevent future skin damage
Maintain your new and healthy skin
How To Use Majestica Face Pack:
Each pack contains 100 gms of product that will last you for 30 applications.The pack needs to be used every alternate day for 3 months for it to complete its detoxifying and health replenishing cycle.
How to Apply:
Mix a good quantity of majestica face pack with milk adding enough to get a thick pasty consistency.
On a freshly cleansed face, apply the paste in even strokes from the center of the face going outwards.
After 80% of the pack has dried, wash with cold water and pat dry.
use the face pack as you would normally- mixed with milk and applied on face until 80% dry. Then, gently scrub your face using circular motions and wash with cold water.
To see visible results, one must use Majestica Face Pack every alternate day for a period of 3 months. Additionally, use the pack to maintain skin health for a longer time.
You will notice the following results during your detoxifying journey with Majestica Face pack:
Instant radiance
Reduced tan
Reduced appearance of acne*, blemishes, and pimples in 10 weeks.
Reduced appearance of pores and tightness of skin, especially near mouth in 6 weeks.
Completely renewed skin with visible difference in firmness of skin, giving a ‘bouncy’ feel in 15 weeks.
Visibly reduced fine lines and wrinkles around mouth in 12 weeks.
Reduced acne scars.
Reduced appearance of pigmentation in 8 weeks.
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