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Ritesh Punwani

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Daily-Use-Eco-Matti-Products .

#100%ECO-FRIENDLY#100%HANDMADE#100%RE-USE-ABLE. When you talk about drinking water you need to be extra cautious. Nowadays most of us drink mineral water or the one from the R.O purifier and store it in the plastic bottles.In olden times everybody used to drink water from the clay pot and they were a way lot healthier than us.CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT ?? BY JUST CHANGING THE WAY WATER IS STORED YOU CAN MAKE IT HEALTHY. So after long research we got the alternate to big pots that were used to store water & we brought easy to use and clean clay (Matti) bottle to store water & other clay products with the better quality & that too with multiple health benefits & refreshing taste. Products starting from Just INR 49/- only . Whatsapp orders @ 9022901279.

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