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Mark Delecate

SOLD $5,000

OpenROV underwater drone 2.8

Used remote controlled underwater robot / ROV.
See here for all full and uncropped photos and screenshots taken by me with this ROV of what the control interface in real use looks like:
Everything in the photos is included.
I purchased it used in assembled condition. I’ve used it and everything works, but it’s too complicated and difficult to control for me.
The Ethernet or USB connection wiggles a bit, I think this sometimes causes it to disconnect. I’ve tried to improve it by stabilizing the cable with a bit of tape.
This is definitely for a hobbyist with experience in building stuff and for someone who doesn’t mind working on small issues.
It’s fully working out of the box.
The vehicle has lights onboard and a tiltable camera. Connects through Ethernet + USB.
Controlled via Google Chrome Browser - type in the IP of the ROV for the web-interface.
Product Details:
The tether is very long, at least 50m. The tether bundle looks similar to this, so maybe it’s 100m...?
The batteries are not the standard, but the high-capacity version:
There are considerable scratches on the inside of the main acrylic tube from the previous owner, maybe due to the rotatable PCB with the camera (nothing scratches now though). The scratches are outside the camera field of view though, so they don’t affect the picture.

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