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Darshana Bhatia Sampat

SOLD Rs.150

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder

*Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder*
*Rate: Rs. 150/-*
No batteries required. To achieve one-touch automatic squeeze toothpaste Squeeze toothpaste with fix quantify every time(adjust the quantify according to toothbrush's pressing depth) Toothbrush Holder installation :1.Cleaned the postition for pasting2.Tear the sticker and use it carefully (the sticker can't be reused) Keep your bathroom tidy and clean.Automatic toothpaste squeezing device is assembled by four different parts, which enable it be cleaned more conveniently and easily. While clean the inner silicagelput it into hot water for 2 hrs and then clean it by soft brush. Like this, all inner dirt will be dissolved neatly. The whole process of squeezing toothpaste no need touching the tube, wick more health Minimum the residues of the toothpaste, which is more economical.

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