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Maureen Anne Lorenzo Enriquez

SOLD ₱350

Mabisang Pampapayat (Gluta Lipo Juice)

🍹Taste like iced Tea
🍹10sachets every sachets can make 2 glasses
GLUTA LIPO 12in1 will give you the benefits of BOTH!!!
➡️Contains 12 natural, effective, safe and side-effect free main ingredients which are very valuable for slimming, whitening and glowing of the skin
➡️Has antioxidants that prevent diseases such as cancer, and delay signs of aging
➡️Detoxifies and cleanses the body especially the colon and removes unnecessary wastes and toxins leading to a flatter and more toned tummy
➡️Has a lemon iced tea flavor that tastes so good and contains STEVIA, sugar substitute which is healtier
Papayat ka na! Puputi ka pa! ❤️
For more details or orders please message me. Thankyou! ☺️

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