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Labhang Stove

Saves up to 90% compared to LPG
Last for 5 years
Safe, Effective, Affordable, Tested
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The Rice Husk Gas Stove (RHGS) Technology developed by Professor Engineer from Central Philippine University, Iloilo City
and a recipient of many prestigeous awards including the Rolex International Award for Enterprise,
An Alumni of Central Luzon State University-Agricultural Engineering, College of Engineering
1. The Rice Husk Gas Stove (RHGS) technology is a second generation device for domestic cooking.
2. It produces a combustible gas for cooking by burning rice husks with limited amount of air.
3. The stove can be conveniently used and produced no smoke during operation.
4. One kilogram of rice husks is enough to provide heat energy good for one-hour cooking
5. The char and the ash are byproducts, can be used as soil conditioner and as ingredient for making refractory or concrete material.
6. The stove can also be made adaptable for battery use by means of an inverter or a DC fan; and
7. It is safe to operate and does not pose the problem of explosion since the stove operates at a normal atmospheric pressure.
Major Component Assemblies of RHGS
1. Reactor Assembly – Rice husks are burned with limited air (30 of the stoichiometric air) to produce combustible gases(CO&H2)
2. Burner Assembly – It is where the combustible gases produced in the reactor are burned, which are eventually used for cooking .
3. Char Chamber Assembly – It is where the char from the reactor is discharged and is allowed to cool prior to disposal.
1. It uses rice husk wastes as fuel thereby providing savings to users (saves up to 90% compared to LPG, Charcoal, wood, etc);
2. Convenient to operate, ignition of fuel is done by using pieces of paper or sprinkling kerosene on the top surface of the fuel bed;
3. Almost no smoke is emitted during cooking;
4. One full load of rice husks can provide heat energy good for 40 minutes cooking; and
5. Heat can be controlled using a rotary switch, a sliding door or a shutter. Adjustment of flame as to low or high is made possible.
6. Safe. Doesn’t' explode.
7. Char can be used as fertilizer to garden plants
How To Use:
1. Fill cylinder with rice husk
2. Turn on the fan
3. Ignite by using pieces of paper or sprinkling kerosene on the top surface of the fuel bed
4. Enjoy Cooking.
How to order:
1. Select the desired unit and give instruction for delivery to your place.
2. Made Reservation with 25% downpayment thru palawan or cebuana pawnshop.
3. Send PM to our FB page the picture of send money form.
4. Wait 4-6 weeks. Made to Order.
5. Send 75% remaining payment a day before delivery.
6. Pls send picture that you received your unit.
7.Give referrals for extra commission.
Other Info:
Free Delivery in Panay Area through Bus Terminals
Refer a friend and get a discount
Open for Dealership - minimum 5 units with Tarp and Get exclusivity in your Town
Search on Youtube: Bandila (abs - cbn) : Don't throw away that rice husk

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