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SOAPlada whitening bar

❤ SOAPlada SOAP ❤
Enhanced Fast Whitening
✔with SPF20
🌹 Experience total whitening effect naturally! Enhances your beauty with no side effects, making your skin soft, smooth, lighter and young looking.
How to use: Lather the soap to your palm and apply it on your face and body. Leave it for at least 2-3 minutes face. Body 10mins😍😄
Ingredients 💙
✔ L-Glutathione
✔ Kojic Acid
✔ Alpha Arbutin
✔ Rosehip Oil
✔ Plant Extracts
Moisturizer 💚
✔ Glycerin
✔ Aloe vera
✔ Olive oil
✔ Milk
Anti aging property 💛
✔ Rosehip oil
✔ Grapeseed oil
Advance whitening property 💜
✔ Alpha Arbutin
✔ L-Glutathione
✔ Kojic acid di palmitate
✔ Papaya extract
✔ Murlberry extract
✔ Bengkoang extract
✔ Licorice root extract
✔Sodium ascorbyl acetate (vitamin C)
Micro peeling ❤
✔ Glycolic acid
✔Hyaluronic acid
All-in-one soap! Ano pa na ngita mo?
100% effective! Tested and proven!!

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