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Lady anion sanitary napkins - day and night use -

Why use Lady Anion sanitary pads?
During menstruation, woman’s most sensitive areas of the skin are vulnerable to damage, and the reproductive system is alsoparticularly vulnerable to the invasion of bacteria and viruses. Choosing high-quality sanitary pads will not only promote safeand effective hygiene, but will also assist in maintaining the highest degree of gynecological health. You will feel confident andsecure with Lady Anion!
Lady Anion pads have three important characteristics they stay dry, are super absorbent and permeable.
Lady Anion sanitarypads normalize vaginal PH and stop the spread of microbial infections and gynecological conditions with no side effects.
Main Components of the Product:
• Far-infrared Rays and Anion Chip: The Far-IR rays and anion chip are embedded in the cotton layer of the sanitary pads.
This is a distinctive technological feature of Lady Anion products, and when the product is used, high concentrations ofnegative ions (5810/cm3) can be launched. The antibacterial function, superior odor reduction and other positive effectscan be attained by pure physics. The Far-IR rays system can improve an individual􀍛s metabolism and microcirculation,activate cells and strengthen the immune system. The Anion System is designed for anti-inflammatory and antisepticfunctions with no side effects.
• The soft cotton top layer is made with a very thin, soft cotton material which maintains optimal comfort and dryness atall times. Specially designed side walls prevent side leakage.
• The absorbent layer, which contains absorbent environmentally safe material imported from Japan, can solidify liquidimmediately when it is absorbed into the material. At the same time, it can prevent infiltration and leakage and canfacilitate a higher degree of performance and comfort during exercise and activities.
• The breathable bottom layer is made of special materials to ensure the ultimate degree of moisture absorbance tomaintain dryness.
• Non-toxic adhesive tape (the kind used in the food industry) is specially designed for air flow. The outer packaging iseasy to open, and each individual pad is fully sealed to prevent possible contamination.
• Manufacturing: Lady Anion permeable sanitary pads are manufactured in strict compliance with National HealthStandard GB15979-2002 in the Peoples Republic of China. To ensure that the automated production and packagingprocess is free from contamination, they are manufactured in a closed production advanced environment.
1 kit contains 25 Packs
15 Day use 240mm - 10 Pieces/Pack
10 Night use 290mm - 8 Pieces/Pack
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