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Collagen & Glutathione Peeling Cream

Deadskin , Libag Libag Ba Kamo?
Kuskos Kuskos Din Pag My Time 😁
Help ka ni Gluta Collagen Alisin ang Mga Libag Libag sa Buong Body Mo πŸ˜‰
Pag Nirurub Mo Siya Ma Fefeel Mo na Maalis Talaga Niya mga Dead Skin Sa Face And Body mo πŸ˜‰
Pati Maiitim jan sa Leeg Siko Tuhod mo Alisin mona! πŸ˜‰
(COLLAGEN & GLUTATHIONE) peeling cream
Nature Beauty Collagen Glutathione Perfect Magic Peeling Cream Gentle-Action Gel Perfect for deep and thorough Exfoliation: 100grams each Tube
It contains the Collagen Extract,Glutathione,Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Lemon Fiber,Hydrolyzed Plant Protein and weakly acid Alga gum. Its Pure natural Ingredients. Effectively removes dead cells with no irritation and texture loss. It gentle exfoliating treatment that thoroughly removes dead,dull skin cells without causing irritation. It can remove the dead cuticle in just 1 minute after use,the skin features a smooth,white and silky texture and a younger and healthier looking tone.It is suitable for all skin type including sensitive skin.
It can clear freckles,blemishes,acne and control melanin production.Cleanses the dirt and blackheads in the deep layer of skin.Effectively clean the skin and remove skin blemishes,leaving skin flawless and vibrant. Gentle-action gel perfect for deep and thorough exfoliation.Removes dead cells to accelerate skin renewal. Enriched with Vitamin C, effectively removes dead cells with no irritation and texture loss. Contains no pigment and has no irritation. Great for sensitive skin. Balance moisturizing. Gets rid of dead skin cells to restore a whitened, delicate and fresh look to skin.
Apply appropriate amount of product to the skin (without adding water) Gently massage with a circular motion to get rid off the dead cuticle, clean it with clear water, then use skin lotion. ( It is suitable use to remove the cuticle on the face, hands , body,elbows and knees.
Nature Beauty Collagen and Glutathione Peeling Gel Description
- Cleanses dirt and blackheads
- Clean the skin
- Remove cuticle
- Reduce blemishes
- Leaves skin flawless and vibrant
- Exfoliants skin
- Removes dead cells and accelerate skin renewal
- with Vitamin C
- Non irritant sensitive-skin friendly
Usage :
1. Apply on skin (without adding water) massage on circular motion, rinse with water.
2. Use lotion after cleansing.

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