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Wart Remover..65hkd

Pick up Central ..Sunday
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🌸🌸Super amazing..Thai White Warts Remover! 🌸🌸
Amazing Warts Remover Cream 😍 😊😉
💕💕Warts are stubborn at hindi basta basta natatanggal if you treat with ordinary skin care or cream.
👉Ang WARTS pag napabayaan, Dumadami at Kumakalat.
Kaya Madalas, Ang Cure lang dito ay ipa sunog, or ung mga nakikita natin na procedure na ginagawa ng mga derma or minsan sa salon.
💥💥Pero magastos din at medyo painful!
Mabuti nalang, may Product na tayo na Makakaalis ng Warts Without Pain and Less Gastos!
Thai White Warts Remover!
✔️destroys or removes the wart without creating scar tissue
✔️alternative to other wart removal techniques using machines
✔️easy to use
✔️relatively painless, safe and affordable wart treatment
✔️comes in 10g jar.
✔️For thick layer of the skin, soak the area in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes.
✔️Apply on the affected area once a day. Leave the cream overnight. Avoid contact with the eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use
✔️Instructions:Disinfect and clean the affected area with soap.
✔️Lightly scratch the area with a sterile needle or a toothpick.
✔️Scratching the skin will make the cream penetrate the skin. For stubborn and thick layer of the skin like common warts and plantar warts, soak the area in lukewarm water for about 20-30minutes. This will soften the warts and make it easier to remove.
✔️Use the applicator stick or toothpick or cotton bud to apply the cream on the affected area only. Do not apply it on the surrounding area of the skin problem. In case of application on an unwanted area, wash the area with soap and water.

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