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Oceanne Co

SOLD $320

All Natural Boneless Bangus

Good day!
We are producing ALL NATURAL BANGUS from Mindanao and we are looking for distributors/resellers in manila and cebu. These are caged bangus in deep part of sea (NOT PONDS)
"Healthy organic and all natural fresh from our farm to you" (good for children for omega 3 less, the side effects of antibiotics, hormones and chemicals)- 3 large ones in a pack (almost 900grams after these are deboned)
🐟"��Fresh from Pristine Rural Deep Sea (not from
brackish ponds fed with alot of antibiotics) - Sea Bangus fed with no steroids, no hormones, no pesticides, chemicals and no antibiotics- only fed with all Natural Feeds and Sea Algae"
🐟Deboned, marinated, no chemicals, no preservatives and 100% no MSG!
Deboned marinated: 320
Deboned plain: 305 (grocery price is 320-338k -NOT organic pa).
Deboned marinated: 350
Deboned plain: 320
Reseller price: we can discuss. Please advise if interested to buy for business or consumption so we can assist may contact us in this number 09954577355(viber/line chat) or you may also email us @ thank you!

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