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surich scalar energy saver sticker

↪️It works by minimizing WASTE ENERGY, so that we only pay for the Electricity that we use.
↪️ Made up of multiple layers of SPECIAL Piezolectric materials. (Morganite,Tourmaline,Ceramic & Germanium.)
↪️The Surich Scalar Sticker generates a large amount of NEGATIVE IONS which help "Smooth Out" Electrical distortion in power cables.
💡 This process is called Harmonic Mitigation.
As much as / more than 30% of Electricity can be SAVE this way.
↪️ Each Sticker of our Surich Scalar Stickers has between 6000-8000 NEGATIVE IONS per cubic centimeter.
↪️The Negative Ions help eliminate HEAT and Electrical energy loss and resulting in savings for us.
💡 Proven and Tested
👨‍💼 These are the 2 Steps on How to Order our Surich Scalar Sticker and also you can start your own Surich Scalar Sticker Business!!!

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