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ikea 宜家玻璃餐枱 飯桌 frosted glass top dining table 電腦桌

ikea 宜家玻璃餐枱 飯桌 frosted glass top dining table 電腦桌 書桌 辦公枱 desk 檯 臺 台
90% new
for English version, please see below.
型號是 900.247.18
尺寸是117cm x 77cm x 73 cm (3cm檯面板,70 cm檯腳)
重約5-10 kg,它的優點正正是堅固之餘相對地輕,但要搬運的話因檯身大而應該要兩個成年男士。而且不能經港鐵運送(長闊高=197cm)。所以如果是大圍區外的話你要自己負責搬運方法。
港鐵運載行李條件:"每名乘 搭市區綫列車的乘客只可攜帶一件長闊高相加的尺寸總和不超過 170厘米、而任何一邊的長度均不超過130厘米的行李"
以我所知,call 貨van都只是$100-200,但除非你完全不懂,否則你自己搞。
I bought it in 2009, I can't find any detail from Ikea's website. The table plate is wrapped with aluminum alloy, the table plate itself is made of frosted glass, the table legs are made of aluminum or steel, which can easily be removed by twisting it out of the table plate.
Model Number is 900.247.18
size is 117cm x 77cm x 73 cm (3cmfor table plate,70 cm for table leg)
The weight is about 5-10 kg, which is precisely its advantage, i.e. being light weighted while sturdy enough. But as the table plate is relatively large, you should need 2 adult male to carry it. Further, it can't be transported through MTR (length plus width plus height=197cm), thus if you are not in Taiwai, you will have to prepare for the transportation method.
MTR Conditions of carriage of luggage: a passenger travelling on the URL may carry only one piece of luggage and the total dimensions (i.e. length plus width plus height) of that piece of luggage shall not exceed 170 cm and the length of any one side of the luggage shall not exceed 130 cm.
As far as I know, calling a van would cost about $100-200, but unless you completely have no knowledge on it, or else please do it yourself. You may also consider courier service (not included).

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