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ACTIVE WHITE L-GLUTATHIONE (US-Based Formula) 60 Capsules
Active White L-Glutathione
60 Capsules/ Box
Manufactured: Texas, USA
Why Active White L-Glutathione?
-Whitens the skin, dark spot remover
-Prevents/Removes pimples and pimple marks
-Anti-Aging and Anti-wrinkles
-makes your skin smooth, fresh and radiant
-enhances healing of wounds
-nourishes skin and improves immune system
-Protects our body free radicals
-Detoxifying nicotine
What is Glutathione?
"The Master Antioxidant” The term is used as collective term to refer the tripeptide - glycine, glutamate and cysteine.
Where is it found?
Mostly in the liver where it detoxifies many harmful compounds. Also found in lungs and white blood cells.
-Powerful antioxidant. Enhances the activity of Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
- Deficiency can result to: cataracts, low sperm count, cancer, diabetes and liver diseases.
- Maintain a healthy Immune System.
- Delays the signs of Aging
- Produce the goodboxDE EFFECT: WHITENING
How does it produce a WHITENING EFFECT?
Normally, in the process of Melanin formation, the end product is "EUMELANIN". When glutathione is taken in higher (double dose), the pathway of melanin is altered. The end product becomes "PHAEOMELANIN" instead of EUMELANIN. Because the modified conversion of EUMELANIN (dark/brown/yellow pigmentation) to PHAEOMELANIN (reddish/white pigmentation), a white skin is produced.
Suggested Dosage to achieve the desired effect:
A. Anti-Oxidant Effect:
10mg / kg / day (Ex. 50kg body weight x 10 = 500mg)
B. Skin Whitening
20 - 40mg/ kg/ day (Ex. 50kg body weight x 30 (median of 20-40) = 1500mg/day in divided dosage
Until when am I taking glutathione?
+ Medium Brown: 1-3 months
+ Dark Brown: 3-6 months
+ Very Brown: 6-12 months
+ Black: 2 years
*Once you have the desired color: maintenance dose will be 1 capsule of 500mg a day.
Grape seed Extract:
The ONLY antioxidant that cross the blood/brain barriers to protect neutral tissue. Intensifies free-radical scavenger.
Helps to support cardiovascular system by helping improve blood circulation.
Reduces allergic response.
Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level
Strengthens immune system
Reduces skin aging
Vitamin C:Ascorbic Acid
Protects body's cells from oxidative damage.
Enhances Immune system.
Promotes anti-oxidant activity.
Why vitamin c and glutathione?
Blood glutathione level rose nearly 50% in healthy individuals taking 500mg of vitamin C.
Vitamin C raises glutathione by helping the body manufacture it at the same time preventing it from oxidizing.
Glutathione is too large as a molecule to effectively pass through the intestine to the cells, so glutathione alone is not helpful but when taken with vitamin C, oxidative process is protected and glutathione becomes effective.

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