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Profile atlas vitamin E

Gumagamit kaba nang MYRA E ?
Namamahalan kanaba?
mas Mura! Same content ng Myra E.
✒ prolife atlas vitamin E 400 I.U USP
✒ pampaBata, pampa glow ng skin.
✒ look young and be young ..
✒ same dosage nang Myra E
✒ proven safe and effective
✒ 100pcs softgels, good for 3months
✒ Original from US
✒ vitamin
suggested use:
Take one softgel daily preferably with a meal.
Benefits of vitamin E:
👉 healthy skin and eyes
👉 increase cell life ageing
👉 healthy immune system
👉 protect cells from free radical damages (Antioxidant)
👉 contributes to a healthy hears
👉 alleviates tiredness
👉 reduces cholesterol and rish of developing cancer.
👉 prevent the blood platelets from clumping.
Open for wholesale and bulk orders ❤❤❤

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