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The most affordable whitening supplement in the market now. Handy + easy to take! 😊💊💞
✨ Perfect for those who are afraid of needles and blood, specially to those who are having a hard time to go to gluta spa and have their gluta iv session.
✅FDA Approved & GMP Certified
✅for: Men & Women | Young & Adult
✅30 softgels per bottle
✅Organic Shell.
✅Easily absorbed by the body, the same level as glutathione injectables.
Why take Softgel Glutathione?
🙋🏼Immune System booster
🙋🏼Detoxifier or Liver cleanser
🙋🏼Whitens Skin
🙋🏼It has the same level of absorbency as glutathione injectable. Fast acting glutathione.
🌞We accept Retail orders! We are also open for RESELLERS, DISTRIBUTORS and BULK ORDERS! We offer huge discounts and a lot of privileges to bulk orders, resellers and distributors!
⚡Order now! Just drop us a message thru my Facebook account
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