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kasoy oil

Effective removal of:
� Different kinds of warts
� Kulogo
� Kalyom
� Skintags
� Allergies
� Balakubak
� And diff. skin problems such as buni,an-an kati-kati etc.
How to use:
Dip a cotton swab to kasoy oil, apply to affected part only, do it 3 to 4 times a day.
Ibabad ang bulak 10mins to 20mins pagkatapos kuskosin.
Itapal ang Bulak 10mins to 20mins pagkatapos Kurutin.
Kung ayaw niyo Kurutin everyday lang Lagyan after 2weeks mamatay na Ang Kulugo.
Ipahid Lang Gamit ang cotton buds
5to10mins pagkatapos
Hilain Lang.
Ipahid lang gamit ang bulak 5mins pagkatapos banlawan at sabunan.
Ipahid lang 5mins pagkatapos na maligo
Ipahid lang after 5mins
Hugasan at sabunan.
What to expect when you apply kasoy oil?
✔expect stinging and burning sensation
✔redness around the infected area.
✔after 1st day of app the warts will start to die.
On the 2nd onwards warts etc.will fall themselves.
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