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Hair grower shampoo

Extreme Hair Grower Shampoo🍃
For Great Looking, Thick and Strong Hair.
Suitable for all Hair Types and Races.
- Stimulates Hair Growth
- Strengthens Hair Follicles
- Contains Natural DHT Blockers
- Improves Scalp Circulation
- Increases Hair Density
- Improves Scalp Condition
Instruction: Work in a small amount of Extrems Hair Grower on wet hair. Massage into hair and leave on scalp for 1 minute then rinse. Use daily as required or use 4-5 times a week for BEST RESULT.
Ingredients :
• Keratin
• Glycerin
• Polyquat
• Argan Oil
• Biotin
• Patchouli
• Gugo
• Aloe Vera
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