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PAANO nakakasave ng Kuryente ang Original Surich Scalar energy saver sticker with negative ion?
1. Kung Malaki ang system lost Malaki ang save ng electric bill natin by using our scalar energy,,,kung walang system lost Kunti Lang din ang saving,,,system lost ito yung Bill na binabayaran natin kahit hndi natin Ito ginagamit,example, yung wire na umiinit and minsan yung short circuit umiinit ang wire nun Kaya mataas ang Bill na binabayaran natin,,,pag nalagyan mo ng Surich scalar energy magiging soft ang flow sa current to avoid over heating which will cause bill to rise up sa ating electric bill,,So by putting scalar energy on wire it will eventually soften the flow of the current which will give u saving up to 10%-50% gradually up to 3 yrs of use
2. Other explanations dahil sa tagal na ng ating wires sa bahay that will create kalawang or oxides which will produce vibration and vibrations disturb the flow of the current which will cause over heating again...That is one of the reason tumataas ang bill..,Yun ang Function ng Sticker Natin To Soften the flow of the current kasi e prevent niya ang heat by that makakasave tayo ng consumption...Ito ay nakakatulong sa meralco management dahil minsan nagkakaroon ng shortage of electricity dahil sa dami ng system didistribute sa iba...
Scientific Explaination on how SURICH SCALAR STICKER works.
Theoretical explanation of Surich Scalar negative ion
The Science Behind The Power...
Before we tell you how it works, here’s a shocker that power companies don’t want you to know. And that is there is always excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and factory. Whether you actually use it or not, it is recorded by the meter and billed to you!
Can you imagine?
Paying for electricity that you never use?
But wait, don’t tear up your electricity bill first.
Because you can’t fully blame the power companies on this. The active power produced at their end somehow gets distorted as it travels through the power lines to its intended destinations. If we look at a graphical representation of power consumption in a circuit, what we normally assume is that the total electrical energy flowing in is all useful electrical energy.
However, in reality, it isn’t the case. Due to distortion, there are components of electrical energy that is unused by the connected electrical equipment. This is called Waste Energy. As much as 30% of the total electrical energy flowing in can be lost as waste energy!
Unfortunately, you have to pay for BOTH the waste energy as well as the useful energy – even though you only utilize the useful energy.
Our scalar energy sticker works by minimizing waste energy, so that you only pay for the electricity that you use. Made up of multiple layers of special piezoelectric materials (Morganite, Tourmaline, Ceramic and Germanium), the card generates a large amount of negative ions which help to “smooth out” electrical distortion in power cables. This process is called Harmonic Mitigation.
As much as 30% of electricity can be “saved” this way. Each of our SCALAR ENERGY SAVER has between 6,000 – 8,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. The negative ions help to eliminate heat and electrical energy loss, resulting in savings for you.
The negative ions help to eliminate heat and electrical energy loss, resulting in savings for you....
How does Surich Original Scalar Sticker work?
★By utilizing the advance technology, we are able to produce Scalar Energy Sticker which is created from various mineral stones that produces negative ions. With the scalar energy being embedded in the sticker, it will protect us from the harmful radiation from electronic appliances.
★Malakas kasi ang pasok at flow ng kuryente talaga natin sa mga wires at contador everyday pero dahil dito sa "Scalar Energy Saver & Anti-Radiation Sticker by Surich" ay nagagawa nitong i-NORMALIZE at gawing SAKTO lang ang talagang dapat na flow ng ating kuryente para hindi sobra-sobra ang pasok at flow nito, kaya mapapansin nyo bababa talaga ang kuryente ng 30% to 50% kasi pag may Scalar Sticker na Normal at Sakto na ang flow nito...
★Sa pamamagitan nito ay mapipigil pa ng Scalar Sticker ang radiation, pag init at pag putok ng ating kuryente at yung talagang kailangan lang talaga nating kuryente ang nag fflow sa mga wires at contador natin everyday...
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
★Yes it is Legal.. FLY-OFF electrons or WASTES OF ENERGY lang po ang nino-NORMALIZED ng ating Original Scalar Sticker sa mga matatagal ng wires sa ating bahay na may kalawang or oxide, there’s no reason na habulin ka.

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