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Qiazy rejuvenating set

Php 250
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To remove all an even skin tone. Lines and wrinkles. Large pores. Melasma. Acne. Pimples. Sun damage. Dull skin.
You have to apply Qiazy rejuvenating set first.
NOTE. do not expose to sun during treatment
apply sunblock cream spf 30. Everyday. Re apply 2 -3 hours if you stay outside in a long period .
Rejuvenating toner help to remove all deep sitting dirt and rejuvenate the skin. Gently rub a cotton pads with rejuvenating toner in your skin.
Use it day and night after washing your face
Extreme whitening cream helps to whitens the skin its a 4x faster whitening than other brand. It has micro peeling effect it will removes all dull skin . Lightens sun damage. Control pimples or acne. Anti aging cream.
Apply thinly extreme whitening cream all over your face every night after using toner.
Use Kojic acid soap as your daily cleanser soap. Gently damp on your face 2 to 3 minutes the wash thoroughly with clean water.
Use maintenance set after using rejuvenating set .
Clarifying toner helps to clean your skin from deep sitting dirt on your skin. It will control oily face , pimples and maintain your skin smooth and fine.
Appy Whitening and collagen cream all over your skin every night before going to bed it maintain your skin white and tightens your skin. It will control aging of skin.
Daily apply sunblock gel before going out it helps to cover up your skin from sunlight and control oily skin. re apply sunblock gel 2 -3 hours if long period stay outside
Use kojic acid soap as your daily soap cleanser. It helps to whitens your skin.. Damp it gently to your skin and let 2 -3 minutes before rince with clear warm water

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