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hana ( Natural healthy drinks )

Important notice on cool drinks Issued in a public interest By a Indian,
For all Indians..
Krupya Is message ku itna forward kardo ke india ke 130karod Bhartiya nagrik ku pahunch Jaye aur aage paide hokar aane Wale 200 karod ki generation ku bhi pata lag Jaye...please Forward kardo Tumhe apne desh ki khatir itna to karna hi parhega yar
Brand bhi Indian,
Taste bhi Indian...
Ab Healthy Rahega INDIA
Ab Healthy jiyega India...
Ab hamesha dollar se bhi
aage Rahega hamara INDIA
Doston, Zara socho
Kyun hum apni mehnat ke paison se Angrezon ku zindagi de rahe hain...
Aur videshi vastu istemal karke Bharat me basne wale gareeb ku bheek mangwa rahe hain...
Trump kehta hai
No more jobs/visa for Indians...
To chalo aaj se Kyun na hum
Indians bhi in angrezon ku sabaq sikhayen,
DESH Bachao...
According to news reports
of Tamil nadu state
The trade union of cool drink & beverages declared
Popular n Big MNC Brands like Pepsi,Coke products uses harmful chemicals and acids in all flavours They are not contains any natural fruit extracts it's very dangerous
Pepsi,coke has Harmful chemicals
So trade union of Tamil nadu
Bycots n stopped selling and distributing all flavours n products of
Pepsi,coke and other Harmful contents having all local brands n multi national brands..
n also declared the union itself onwards sell n Distributes only Indian made healthy drinks to all over Tamilnadu state..
Now if you can see
every where in Tamilnadu all retail shops has hanged notice boards written we don't sell Pepsi n Coke n other multi national brands...
That's the power of Unity.
Thats the real love among the nation..
Now come to the point
It's very important to read..
This Summer season is going very very hot,
To cool your body's temperature
Don't drink carbonate acid and gas contains cool drinks, like Pepsi Coke
instead of using those harmful drinks
as more as possible
Use more
Filtered mineral water ,
tender coconut's water,
glucose water,
Lemon juice or
any other fruit juices it's safe n refreshing too..
But strictly
Avoid MNC brands of,
Pepsi/coke/or any local brand which contains harmful flavours/coloured/preservatives having acids/gas/or chemicals/etc..
Use Always Indian products which supports healthy environment...
Step in to Help for the
growth of Economy of our Nation..
we must love our Nation
We must use brands of our Nation..
If you really want to keep healthy yourself
And if you need real refreshment for this Summer..
For your kind information
I'm introducing you a
Bengaluru based company
SWADESHI Food & beverages,
Under the Distribution with
Started a forum which is we really called as a revolutionary Movement to stop Harmful side effects of Multi national companies,brands, and its dangerous product's effects
For our healthy n wealthy indian environment
The leading natural health drinks brand of south India
With natural fruit only contains in It's all products it is really Healthy,natural and helpful for summer and all seasons i tried it once with my friends
It's really very different in Taste,
It's very different
It contains only
Rich Health Benefits
No Alcohol | No Harmful chemicals |
No added flavours/colours...
Brand bhi Indian,Taste bhi Indian...
Ab Healthy Rahega INDIA
Ab Healthy jiyega India...
Ab dollar se bhi
aage Rahega hamara INDIA
My Wealth is My Nation's Wealth
For franchise,
bulk orders, party orders,
Sales and Dealers Enquiries
+9193424 88006
Customer care:
SWADESHI Food and beverages.Bangalore
+9198444 88117
Lets we also join in this movement
Just forward it to all your friends...

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