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Herbal Sanitary napkins

Herbal Sanitary napkins is made of natural herbs like aloevera, basil and neem with pure cotton and ecofriendly. It is great remedy for white discharge and other various uterus related problems. It is a very unique product and safe to use product than the normal sanitary napkins which is not safe and environment friendly interested watsapp or call
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Benefits of eco friendly herbal sanitary napkin:
1) Stops white discharge
2) Stops itching & irritation sensation
3) Removes blood impurities
4) Prevents cancer cell development
5) Stops irregular periods
6) Keeps your body cool
7) Cures infertility for women
8) Keeps your uterus cool
9) Many more uterus related problems are solved
10) Cures uterus mouth cancer
11) Cures poly cist ovaries
12) Eco friendly and bio degradable no plastic
Retail Price Rs.100 for 1 pack contains 8 pcs

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