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Sheep Placenta SOD Milk

Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk Body Cream:
It is rich in many kinds of nutrition, such as the placenta essence, SOD and Vitamin E etc.
It is easily absorbed by skin and can promptly penetrate into skin, vitalize
And repair scathed skin.
It deeply care skin, and make it keep rich lipid, preventing the aging skin. It can prevent crimple and leaves skin smooth and tender. Good for both light & dark skin.
Product Details
SOD Milk Body Cream + Sheep Placenta is an innovative body cream capable of:
* Reducing Post Burn Wound
* Skin Swelling
* Cream Penetrates the skin, to repairs damaged skin
The Lanoline content locks existing moisture into the skin and also absorbs additional moisture from the air around it, thus preventing the skin from becoming dry. It also contains glycerine, a moisturizer that treats and prevents dry, rough, scaly, itchy and skin irritation.
It also protects the skin against germs and makes the skin smooth and soft, thus restoring youthful vitality to the skin.
* Liposome SOD (Superoxide Dismutate)
* Vitamin E
* Moisturizers such as Glycerince and Lanoline.
* Sodium Hydroxide
* Allantoin
* Water
* Suitable for all Skin Types, especially Dry Skin
* Can be used on Facials and Hands
Net Weight: 200ML
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