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Rekha Bagaria

SOLD Rs.3,500

Instant food premix

You don't have to cook fancy or complecated masterpieces just good food from fresh ingredients.
Here we ready instant food packet without any preservative.
✳We take online class
"Instant food packets"
✔How to make instant food packets !
✔How to store it !
✔How to use it !
Kheer mix
Ice cream mix
Kulfi mix
Basundi m
Gulab jamun m
Jalebi m
Sherra m
Medu wada
Instant healthy soup mix
Gota bhajiya
Fees-2200 (printed notes)
Demo class -3500/-
Date-27/june (tuesday )
Time-11:00 to 2:00
Contact Rekha bagaria -9987134848

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