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Glutax 5G is one of the original Glutax variants. It contains 5000mg of glutathione, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin, and has a potent anti-aging properties. Increasing the body’s glutathione level results in detoxification of the body, lightening of the skin, and anti-aging.
How to Administer:
Through IV for better and fast result
For Whitening, recommended is 2 sessions of IV per week
For detox, 1 session a week for about 1 to 2 months.
The lightening of the skin is usually a gradual process. It is also dependent on your body’s metabolism. First three months are crucial since the gluta still gets rids of the toxins in your body, and builds its foundation. After the initial 3 months, this is when the lightening process starts.
What’s Included in the Package:
5 vials of Glutathione with Collagen and Vitamin C
5 butterflies
5 syringes
5 x 5ml sterile water
Free shipping only if within Philippines

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