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Creama de bella

Crema De Bella Feedbacks!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ang Pambansang Dessert On Skin!!! 😍😍😍
CREMA DE BELLA is safe for pregnant and lactating moms because it is made from natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals added. 🍀🍃
Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Product:
Crema de Bella by DSC Organics
If you are: pregnant, recently had a baby, or thinking about having a baby – this all-in-one cream is perfect for you!
We know it’s hard to find a product which contains safe and all-natural ingredients that can beneficial for your skin. that can help to make pregnant mom’s life a little less stressful! From the moment most women discover they are pregnant, they are acutely aware of everything they put into and onto their bodies—including products used in the pursuit of beauty. The skin can absorb these products which can then enter the bloodstream. And while some products are not safe to use during pregnancy, the good news is that our cream is safe to use.
CREMA DE BELLA - A facial cream which has a powder matte finish for everyday use. It has a strong protection from sunlight ( SPF 50 ).
✕ No need to use a makeup or heavy foundation.
♡ Crema de Bella is enough and is good for the skin.
➡️ Disclaimer:
If you’re doubtful about a product or ingredient, it is best not to use it. There are many alternative pregnancy safe skin care products like “Crema de Bella” by DSC Organics that are 100% fine to use while pregnant. 🙂

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