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SOLD $95

Like new skirt/pants suits. Made in Europe. Size S

a. Made in Italy BENETTON cotton blouse & corduroy pants set, with free cardigan. Italian size 40 (S). Waist 26”. HK$95 for whole set.
b. Made in Italy CLAMANTIS capri pants suit. Italian Size 42 (S/M). Waist 26”. Silk mixed material. HK$95 for whole set.
c. Made in France BERND BERGER capri pants suit. French Size 38 (S/M). Waist 26”. Linen mix. HK$95 for whole set.
d. Made in France JORGE JOHNSON skirt suit. French Size 38 (S/M). Waist 25”. Jacket shoulder 16” jacket chest 36”, jacket length 19”, sleeves length 24”. Pure cotton with full lining. HK$95 for whole set.
Preloved in mint condition. PM pls. Priority is given to fast trading in CWB (anytime). Trade at other MTR stations or trade by post with extra postage also acceptable.
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