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Rashida Kapadia

SOLD Rs.1,000

Wardrobe overhaul

Hello ladies! Get rid of your wardrobe woes! Attend my newest workshop on wardrobe overhaul. Bring along your separates that you are confused what to match with. Bring along classic pieces that you love and we will revamp them. Bring along your accessories and we will mix and match them. Bring along your old clothes and we will donate them.Look more stylish without shopping for new clothes. Create a swanky chic wardrobe that resonates with your personality. Sign up now ! Only twenty five seats available. You also get to take along some lovely freebies.
On; Saturday 22nd April 2017
At: 4 pm
Venue will be decided keeping in mind the proximity of those who sign up.
Energy exchange Rs.1000/- only

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