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SOLD Rs.150,000

Yahama Rxz 135 (140cc) 5 speed

Yahama Rxz 135 (140cc) 5 speed. Have just completed this project. This bike had won the 'best modified bike in Mumbai' and had its own stand in the 'Mumbai International Auto Show' at BKC
The bike is brand new with absolutely no engine work, every part has been replaced by an original Yahama part (apart from the oversize piston) l have spent around a year to bring her where she is.
The bike is on my name, the passing and green tax has been paid just a year ago.
The bike's rear fork is 3 inches longer, every bolt has been re-polished. The air-filter is an original Pipercross, the carburetor is an original Japanese one, the seat and handle grip is custom made, the rims are brand new, have purchased them from Hero Hondas authorized distributor. the belong to the CBZ brand, they are much stronger, and heavier than the Yahama's rims, the spokes are professionally done up. the Battery is maintenance free, have place a small LED below the round headlight for really good night vision.
The headlight is of the Thunder-Bird's as the small Yahama headlight is too dim.
It took me 2 months just to source out a reliable 5 speed gerabox.
The single speedometer consist of turning signal and high beam. this is an original Yahama Enticer's Speedo.
The piston is an race specific oversized piston.
The entire tank is cleaned inside out and has got the appoxi done inside, hence rusting is out of the question for the next 10 yrs.
The bike is still in her run-in, hence I have not been able to test her top speed, but have taken her till 100 once with a lot of power left in reserve.
The bike can be easily converted to a two seat from a single seat design, just by sliding off the crowl
Please contact me on 9930399251 if you are interested.

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