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Mark Anthony Tamayo

SOLD $170

AMazing Garcinia Cambodia Slimming Juice

Looking for DISTRIBUTORS in Hongkong
Lose weight FAST!!! AS IN FAST!!!
See the difference in 3 days.
AMazing Garcinia Cambogia Slimming Juice is all natural and has several health benefits.
1. Burns your fats WITHOUT exercise and diet.
2. Blocks sugar and fats from the food you eat to enter the body.
3. Supresses cravings for sweets and food.
4. Regulate your bowel movement. No LBM effect.
5. Lowers cholesterol levels.
6. Improve metabolism.
7. Lowers blood sugar.
8. Enhances your mood.
9. NO SIDE EFFECTS because its all natural
The company is on pioneering stage right now so Im looking for people who are willing to join my team.
Do you want to make it a business?
Be a Distributor by Availing a STARTER PACK of Php11,200 or Php44,800 worth of products (shipping cost varies)
Benefits of Membership/Distributorship
1. Lifetime Supply of products from the Philippines
2. 40-50% Discount privilege
3. Overide commissions for every wholesale transactions.
4. Team Sales Overide Commissions
5. Different Company Incentives.
Earn up to Php50,000.00 additional income per month
Jusy SELL 5 boxes a day and EARN
Php1,800/day x 30 days = Php 54,000.00 in a month
Complete Details will be Given Upon Request thru PM

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