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Milkberry Keratin

300 only
Real feedback from one of our Milkberry users 😊
β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ» Yay for MILKBERRY πŸΆπŸ“ KERATIN!!!
So I did my own treatment at home using Milkberry and I must say, it pretty much did wonders to my hopeless case hair πŸ’‡πŸ» Just like most women, I dye too often and just recently, I bleached my hair (which I am never ever gonna do again) that caused too much damage to it. Imagine an old blonde Barbie doll with super tangled, rubberized hair you can't even comb it, that is how my hair looked and felt like especially after showering. Milkberry proved that it is worth the try, though my hair is still dry, it started to soften so I can comb it properly again (this is a jumpstart) and it always leaves an irresistible scent that I love. I'd still go to the salon for a hair treatment but Milkberry Keratin is perfect for a DIY treatment at home especially for mommies/women who are too busy to have a Me-time at the salons.
we accept Wholesale and retail pm me😊

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