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Organic Premium Castorseed Oil 30ml

🎀 Squeeze your shampoo on your palm and a drop of Castorseed oil. Lather gently on you scalp and hair, wash and towel dry.
🎀 For baldness or serious hair loss, gently massage Castorseed Oil on the affected area after hair wash and before bedtime.
🎀 To thickens hair, brows or lashes: apply oil 2-3 times a day.
🎀 Best hair conditioner, apply after shampoo.
✅Hair growth✅Treats dandruff and other scalp problems✅Thickens Hair✅Conditions Hair✅Cure Warts & Moles✅Eliminate Split Ends✅Longer Eyelashes✅Thickens Eyebrows✅The Best Skin Moisturizer✅Dry Skin & Sunburn Remedy✅Heals Cracked Heels and Many More..

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