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Multi Grater Stainless Steel Slicer New Black Kitc

100 % NEW With Box ~
This versatile grater is good for slicing, chopping, grating, and shredding. It can also create crinkle and waffle cuts, You'll get consistent results. It's a great kitchen tool for preparing beautiful garnishes, casseroles, and tasty salads. With its rail-guided sliding track, it allows you to cutand slice safely and easily by simply moving the grater back-and-forth. All blades are made of high quality stainless steel. All the components can be stored in the Main Unit and hang on a hook.
Smart Tips:
Full set Multi Grater can hang on the hook for drying
Blades are designed with holes so that you can pull it easily, giving care to your nails
The track surface have some gradational concentrative patterns so that vegetables can be more stable in the middle
Great for:
Grating Garlic, Chocolate
Shredding Cheese
Slicing Cucumber, Onion, Cabbage
Slicing 6mm French fries or Carrot
Slicing crinkle and waffle cuts

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