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Gluta Lipo

for sale
Gluta Lipo
para sa mga matambok ng maitom
nga gusto mag niwang kag mag puti,,,gina pakilala ni #JERRYCO
ang Gluta Lipo whitening&slimming juice 12N1
1 #Glutathione:anti cancer with whitening & glowing effect
2 #Lcarnitine:Increases body metabolism wich leads to weight loss
3 #Greentea:Detoxifies and cleanses body toxic
4 #Collagen:Anti aging &improves skin elasticity
5 #Garcinia:Controls appetite which leads to weight loss
6 #Grapesseedextract:Decrease bad cholesterol and control diabetes
7 #Lemon:Detoxifies the body richin vitamin C snd helps in slimming and whitening process
8 #Mangosteen:Effective in reducingweight anti cancer and reducing high blood pressure
9 #Gojiberry:Improves feeling of well being and calmness better. athletic performance and quality of sleep and weinght loss
10 #Barleygrass:Improves immune system ang prevents cancer
11 #Malunggay:Rich in vitamin C which helps in achieving glowing and healthier skin and goodimmunr system
12 #Ampalaya Decreases blood sugar levels which and helps in improving and treating diabetes
to order pm or comment below or text or call sa 09266203105/09462013508/(033)5091939 for landline
thank u

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