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BIKIT GUARD 3 for 150
Mosquito killer/repellant
Reserved yours now!!
Must read!
<3 If you still have no idea what is BIKIT GUARD and how it become the most popular Mosquito & Insect Repellent on market recently.
Below are some information & advantage of it:
1. Bikit Guard contains Natural Citronella and Chamomile Essential Oil Extract, it definitely do not carry DEET chemical (usually found in Pesticide), thus it’s safe to use by new born & Pregnant Mom.
2. Lightweight and easily worn, just clip on any parts of clothing near where skin exposed, it can effectively Repel Insect & Mosquito
3. Long lasting! Lifespan is Minimum 2-3 months. If rarely use, it even can last up to a year.
4. Suitable for Indoor as well as outdoor to effectively Repel Insects & Mosquito.
5. Made in Korea. Not China.

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