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SOLD ₱1,000

Affordable 100% Original Iphones

IPHONE FOR SALE!!! New stocks❤️
May tawad pa bes! Pm na.
Pag nagkasundo sa price deal na agad tayo😊👍🏻 #usapdeal❤️
Complete package with free tempered glass and shockproof case📱💗
Price starts at P 3,800
📱Iphone 4s (FU) -P 3,800 16gb
P 4,300 32gb
Openline via GPP (Lte ready)👍🏻
📱Iphone 5c- P 5,000 16gb
P 6,000 32gb
📱Iphone 5s- P 6,500 16gb
P 7,500 32gb
📱Iphone 6- P 10,500 16gb
P 11,500 64gb
P 13,000 128gb
📱Iphone 6+- P12,500 16gb
P 14,500 64gb
P 16,500 128gb
📱Iphone 6s- P 13,500 16gb
P 16,000 64gb
📱Iphone 6s+ - P 17,000 16gb
P 19,500 64gb
Openline via GPP LTE✔️ same as FU
LTE ready, capable any kind of sims.
Ready to use for call, text and mobile data,Good as new.
98-99% Smooth,No Hidden issue, Money back guarantee, if proven fake!
✔️100% Original, Not clone, pag Fake sayu nalng. 😜
-No Hidden Isue 🚫
-No Icloud issue
-No apple Id issue
-No hidden Deffect
- Wifi Ok
- Data ok
-Battery ok
-CHECK upon meet up Reset up to SAWA. 👌
✔️Complete package:
1. Box
2. Manual
3. Sim ejector
4. Headset
5. USB Charger
6 wall adaptor
🔥1 Week warranty.

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