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Tiens can help you everyday

Are suffering from:
*High blood pressure??
*severe headache??
*Shoulder pain??
*Body pain??
*varicose veins??
has undergone up to 13 years of clinical trial in Russian as well as countries in the Middle East and Southeast and there are more than 10,000 of clinical reports from each country proving that TIENS device not only can decrease blood pressure but also can treat various headache,prevents stroke and coronary heart disease.
It also can produce good effects in clearing away radiation harm, tonifying the kidney,
regrowing hair and beautification.
“TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEADCARE APPARATUS has been wining unusual glories internationally since the day it was born”.
*Special Award for International *Invention on France International *Fair for Invention,
*Gold award on European (Belgium,Burssels)
*Exhibition for New Product Design, Switzerland Geneva
* Gold Award for International Invention,
* America Gold Cup Award for International Inventional Design, *France International Inventional *Gold Cup Award (this is a Clinical Medicinal Award),
*and Singapore “Gold Lion Award” for International invention.
“TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEADCARE APPARATUS” is provided with double functions of Treating and preventing disease. In foreign countries, the “Europe Times” devoted a full page to report
“Tiens Pressure-Lowering Device”, and the inventor Gao Jiajun was reputed to be “Oriental Magic Device”
Balance apparatus for physical biological electricity
Balances your physical biological electricity and helps to restore health
• Irregularity of biological electric potential can cause hypertension
• This apparatus is especially designed for people with problems of high blood pressure, hypertensive headache, chronic headache and hemicranias (a severe recurring vascular headache, occurring more frequently in women then men)
• It is based on theories of bio-medical engineering. Biological electric potential is proportional to blood pressure
• The electronic products used at home and office emit electromagnetic waves while operating them, and they are normally referred as electromagnetic radiation. A series of reactions may occur when electromagnetic radiation acts on the human body. Using TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEADCARE apparatus decreases the harmfulness of radiations on human body
• Using TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEADCARE apparatus to treat headache is an easy and convenient physical therapy
• The physical therapy of TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL HEADCARE Apparatus emphasize on activating human body's self-defense, self-regulation and self-repairing ability
• Refreshes mind during tiredness on work, dysphoria (an emotional, or uneasiness), unintentional in study, obstructed thinking, obtuse in understanding and sleepiness in driving
• Massage on head using TIENS MULTIFUNCTIONAL apparatus can relieve cerebral tiredness and enhances memory
• Also, Hypotension can increase the hypotension to its normal value, because it obtains its curative effects by regulating the balance of human body's electric potential. So it has the same good curative effects for treating hypotension
• Use it like a comb for 1-2 times/for 3-5 min/day
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