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Shije Bidaure

SOLD ₱1,350

Nokia 3310 - 2017 Release (Premiun Elite Copy)

Hi I am also selling Nokia 3310 2017 premium copy release. As I reviewed this model. There are two types of premium copy of this model.
First, Unit.
- have a poor camera quality
- short battery life
- durability issue
- mejo basag ung soung
- 1.7inches yung size screen me ara man 2.4inches
- elevated yung keypads
- usually made in korea and china
- better quality of camera
- longer battery life
- durable
- bou yung sound
- 2.4 inches screnn size
- my made by nokia print sa likod ng unit
- may NOKIA
I can guarantee to you that my units are way far better than the cheaper one in online market. (Nd ka mahuya sa tawo mag offer.)
Think and choose the best that you can get before spending your money.
I am located in Iloilo and I have onhand units. (Pwede mo gd ma check).
Please pm if you are interested of getting of Nokia 3310 2017 premium copy. I can send you the video of two different units with different quality.

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