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Tiens Ti Energy Bracelet

Tiens Ti-Energy Bracelet-Combination of Health and Fashion for Better Life
Long hour of working in front of the system is taking a toll on your health. Get rid of this problem by using Tiens Ti-energy bracelet. It is made up of 'pro-bio metal' -Titanium, 'edible oxygen'- Germanium and a magnetic field. Titanium improves blood circulation by adjusting the body current.
It can effectively relive soreness, pain, fatigue and resist harmful electromagnetic radiation. Germanium can reduce symptoms caused by lack of oxygen. It neutralizes free radicals and discharge toxins and waste. It improves sleep quality and activates metabolism.
It's not just a lifestyle, it is about healthy lifestyle. Make right choices to stay healthy.
Relieve soreness
Promotes blood circulation
Effectively resist harmful radiations
Reduces blood viscosity and acidity
Balances positive ion of the body with negative ion
Healthy and safe
Stylish and glamorous
Easy to maintain
Comfortable fit and safe for hand
Recommended and most suitable for:
People who work in front of computers, mobile phone for long hour
Poor immunity
Absent minded and stressed person
Alchoholics and smokers
Late nighters
Depending on the physical condition of the user, some may display symptoms like dizziness and nausea because people in different health status have different sensitivity to negative ions.
5 variation of the product are
Crystal Black, Men's Edition
Crystal Black, Men's Extended Edition
Elegant Black, Men's Edition
Elegant Black, Men's Extended Edition
Magic White Women's Edition
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