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MAX SLIM Thailand bestseller!😊😍
✔do not feel hungry, because the body receives energia for the destruction of fat abnormal.
✔speeds up the metabolism of organisimo reducing the deposits of fat located in the waist and thighs.
✔detoxifies the organisimo.
✔it is not necessary to exercise.
✔can be used by men and women.
✔you can lose 1 or 2 pounds in 24 hours.
✔has no side effects.
✔100 % natural.
Product Description
MAX Slim Diet Capsule by JP Natural Cosmetic
Quantity : 30 Capsules
MAX Slim JP Max Slim concentrated formula for the people that hard to lose the weight. Imports from the United States
MAX Slim lose weight fast, tone down of the arm, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves and cellulite,
accelerate fat burning, trap and get rid of fat, starch and sugar.
Suitable for person that hard to lose weight, become resistance to the diet pills, safe with no side effects, prevent the accumulation of fat.
Accelerate the burning of fat, and trap grease.
Dosage Max Slim : Take 1 capsule after breakfast or main meal, take only 1 capsule per day.
Pick up at Mongkok mtr station exit E
9am-5pm su day

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