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1. XM-L2強光電筒 $80
Xm-L2 (T6) 作為CREE廠商的第二代LED燈頭,是現時市面上最好的LED燈頭之一,光度比第一代XM-L的Q5、T6燈頭還要高。有些賣家沒寫明手電筒用甚麼燈珠,就是因為燈珠差就成本更便宜,或賣家自己都不懂。
手電筒有五種模式,第一種強光,第二種中光,第三種弱光,第四種快閃,第五種SOS 訊號。
2. 18650鋰電池
市面有太多假18650 鋰電池,容量亂標,電芯低質,以國產為主,例如ULTRA FIRE。正貨18650最高容量也只是約3400MaH,假的都敢標到4800MaH,實際容量連1500MaH也未必有,容量不夠的話電筒就不持久,也可能導致電流不穩定而影響電筒工作。假電池的安全性也成疑,例如沒有防爆閥。優質的18650電池目前以日廠松下、索尼、三洋,韓廠三星為主。
A. 原装正品Panasonic松下NCR18650B 3400mAh 鋰電池 lithium battery
B. 原裝正品 三星 samsung 18650 2600MAH 鋰電池 lithium battery
C. 18650單顆充電器
3. 移動電源 18650盒 外置電池 5V2A  $50
輸入 input micro usb 5v2A 輸出 output usb 5v2A
(1) 不知有沒有足夠的保護電路
1. XM-L2 torch $80
As the second generation of ED bulb from CREE, XM-L2 (T6) is one of the best model, which is lighter than first generation XM-L Q5 or T6 bulb. Some seller don't even specify what LED bulb was used because the cheaper the bulb, the larger the profit, or the seller don't even know the difference.
The Flashlight Touch can be stretch out and draw back, when stretched, the light will be concentrated, while drawn back, the light can spread.
There are 5 lighting modes, the first is strong light, the second is mid-light, the third is weak light, the fourth is quick flickering, the fifth is SOS signal.
the designed Max Light Output (lm) for Xm-L2 is 1052 lm, my phone can only measure 211880lx which should rather be the maximum limit of the phone light sensor.
It use 3 aaa battery or one 18650 lithium battery which is not included.
Add $10 to get a nylon touch bag, which can be buckled on belt.
2. 18650 lithium battery
There are too many fake 18650 lithium battery with fake capacity marked, they are mainly made from China factories, like ultra fire. While the maximum commercial capacity for real staff is 3400MaH, the fake one dare to mark it as 4800MaH while the actual capacity may not even reach 1500MaH. There are several famous brands for 18650 lithium battery, e.g. Panasonic, sony, sanyo, and samsung.
A. Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh lithium battery
Expensive, but one of the highest capacity you can find in the market
$35 each
B. samsung 18650 2600MAH lithium battery
Relatively cheap, quite high cost-to-efficiency ratio
$20 each
C. 18650charger
$20each,$10 if buying torch and 18650 battery together
3. mobile power pack 18650 box lithium battery $50
The problem faced by user of mobile power pack are that:
(1) user have no idea whether there are enough safety circuit,
(2) do not know whether the lithium battery inside is safe and of good capacity.
You can solve these problem with this mobile power pack box, because you can choose the good quality batteries.
Further, there are two more advantages
(a) you can buy extra 18650 lithium battery to increase capacity,
(b) you can use the same battery on other devices, e.g. flashlight touch or Usb fan.
I have been using this box for a period of time thus I am sure there are enough safety circuit, the design is also simple, you can just change the 18650 battery with ease.
Only include the box, you have to buy battery additionally or by yourself.
If you buy 4 18650 battery plus this box from me, deduct $10

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