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Radish pink cream

Radish Cream Pink
Volume 2 Mixed Berry By Beauty Secret 4 100 g. cream striped legs
Radish Cream 100g.
Say goodbye to stretch marks.
Reduce dark spots from acne and scar on legs, arms and body.
Smoothen and whiten legs.
Can be applied on body only.
Best quality.
Guaranteed results.
Best recomended soap is radish soap plus +
FDA approved
Apply after bath immediately to get the best result.
Radish Cream pink
Volume 2 mixed berry
By Beauty secret4 100g
*helps get rid of stretch marks and dark lines
*skin problems including redness hyper pigmentation, cracks
*Accelerate the shedding of old skin cells
*Stimulate new skin cells gently
Made of special popular food extract from fruit berries. nourishing and hydrating and helps sustain skin moisturizer. make your skin radiant and confident looks.
ingredients from natural extract:
pseudoal terpmonas ferment extract
lecithin, oil gosaccharide, tara, peptide ac 29, Peneaapeptide-18, mixed bery.
Radish Cream Pink Volume 2 Mixed Berry By Beauty Secret 4 100 g. cream striped legs
Special features of the Radish Cream Pink cream striped legs
• Solve the pin Treatment of stretch marks
• calf, hips, buttocks striped shirt, black bottoms.
• Skin redness and dark cracks.
• cracks during pregnancy or after birth.
• Acceleration of skin cells And stimulate new skin cells gently.
• fills the cracks with skin. And the skin to smooth skin texture.
Special !! Extract nourishing popular. Fruit Group Berry Skin with moisture To help sustain skin moisturizer to your skin glow with confidence and passion to enchant young. With its eye-catching white
Ingredients, natural extracts And value of medicinal plants
Pseudoal Terpmonas Ferment Extract, Lecithin, Oilgosaccharide, Tara, Peptide AC 29, Peneaapeptide-18, Mixed Berry.
Help Radish Cream Pink pin striped cream : Apply all over the body after bathing. The morning -
Recommendation: Should be used with a soap solution to this pin. For best results

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