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DHC suppliments

This supplement provides 1000mg of vitamin C, a vitamin which is easy to lack. Vitamin B2 was also added to aid the action of the vitamin C.
Nutritive functions:
📍Vitamin C: helps maintain the skin and mucosa, and has antioxidant effects.
📍Vitamin B2: Preserves skin and mucosa.
✔️Strong immune system from infection
✔️Helps to repair skin damage
✔️Brighten the skin discoloration
✔️Increase Collagen Production
✔️Decrease Wrinkles
✔️Helps Repair UV Damage
Sports, smoking, stress, etc. are consumed in large quantities in everyday life need more vitamins to take.
📍Vitamin C hard capsule: 2 capsules per day.
Pair your tab/Glutathione or Collagen with DHC Vitamin C caps.
DHC COLLAGEN 120tablets JAPAN ORIGINALS DHC COLLAGEN✔️💯% Original from JAPAN❤Proven Effective and Safe.. Will make you look younger and beautiful!DHC Collagen Supplement is a great way to keep your skin looking young and firm. The word collagen comes from the Greek term meaning "essence of glue." DHC Collagen Supplement contains Oceanic Fish Collagen, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B2.Do you know?DHC is the no.1 direct mail skincare company in Japan. With a legacy of 33 years in Japan.the brand develops high-quality products based on the natural benefits of olive oil for healthy,beautiful and radiant skin.DHA uses ingredients that are tested without adding colouring agents or fragrances. The skin is the body's largest organ, and is responsible for sensation of temperature, pressure, and multiple other important functions. Collagen makes up the majority amount of the skin structure.BENEFITS OF COLLAGEN: 1. Improved skin texture and firmness. Also an average 13% reduction in wrinkles.2. Reduced appearance of cellulite3. New hair and nail growth improves in quality and strength after approx 3 months4. Improved circulation5. Decreased appetite.6. Lighter/brighter skin appearance and reduction in "age spots"7. Increased bone strength8. Improved skin moisture and hydration9. Smoother joint and ligament mobility/flexibilityDirections: Take 6 tabs per day in 2 divided doses, before meals (empty stomach).Size: 120tablets for 30 days

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