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Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil (50ml)

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6 Steps to Apply Castor Oil on Eyelashes
Follow these below mentioned steps to effectively make use of castor oils to promote the growth of eyelashes.
❤ Clean your face with water and remove any traces of makeup, especially from eyes.
❤ Make sure to use cold pressed castor oil because they tend to be pure and the natural kind.
❤ Take an eyeliner brush and slowly dip it into the castor oil, make sure the brush doesn’t carry oil in excess amount.
❤ Now with the help of that brush, apply the oil carefully on your lashes.
❤ It is better to apply them at night before you sleep. Leave it on for the entire night for best results.
❤ At morning, with the help of a makeup remover you can remove the oil from eyelashes.
Depending on the individual needs and preferences, you can make changes in the above mentioned steps. It might take some time to show off the results, so it is better to use castor oil on eyelashes in a routine basis.
👉Side Effects of Castor Oil👈
There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that using castor oil will leave you with stronger and thicker eyelashes which won’t break easily. In fact they can make the lashes to grow long and thick in quick time. The amount of people who have enjoyed these rich benefits may outnumber the amount of people, who had succumbed to the side effects caused by over usage of castor oil.
It is assumed that at moderate dosage, castor oil works fine without any side effects. But still it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women to take castor oil orally as this may lead to inflammatory intestinal diseases or abdominal pain.
castor oil for eyelashes growth
When it comes to using them along with eyebrows or eyelashes, care must be taken as to not let them get in contact with the eyes. As any such contact may lead to extreme irritation of eyes causing redness or intense pain.

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